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Laptop hard drives fail tend to fail more regularly as they are moved around more often than PC hard drives.

Ordinary causes of laptop hard drive failure are:

The Laptop has been dropped – if the laptop is running when it is dropped it can causes the read heads inside the drive to crash into the platters, even a drop of a few cm can cause this to happen.

Drive failure due to age – Laptop Hard drives spin at 5200 rpm, eventually with all moving parts they will wear out.

Electronic failure – This is less common, but the components on the small pcb on the hard drive can fail, there are also firmware problems associated with certain hard drive models that cause them to stop working without any warning.

Corruption – As drive sizes have increased over the years there is error correction going on constantly inside the drive,

Heat related – If a fan has failed or it is a badly designed poorly ventilated laptop this can shorten the life of the hard drive.

Other problems are laptops that have had a Lab usually to fix problems when the laptop is not running properly, this overwrites the system partition with a factory image (as it it was when you first bought the laptop) unfortunately this generally overwrites a lot of files. We can recover data in this case as long as the files you need haven’t been overwritten. Just switch off the laptop and call us on 9833151550.

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